4540 boul. Robert-Bourassa Laval QC, H7E 0A6 4540 boul. Robert-Bourassa Laval QC, H7E 0A6
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1 844 783-7340


Because thanks to our extensive network in Quebec, you always have a vast selection available to you, wherever you are and whichever dealership you visit.

Stop paying more, we beat all offers!

How? It's simple! HGregoire's network owns almost 24 dealers in Quebec. And, with a combined inventory of more than 5,000 vehicles, the HGregoire Group is unquestionably the largest in Quebec. To be competitive, our prices are generated with algorithms that evaluate the value of a car on the market in real time. That's how we make sure, from the beginning, to offer you the right price. As a partner of the HGregoire Group, we benefit from the buying and selling power of HGregoire. We can offer you new and pre-owned vehicles at the lowest prices on the market. It's simple! We beat all offers! For the best offer guaranteed ... Come see us!

Always get MORE for your trade-in

The HGregoire Group sells over 30,000 vehicles a year. Because of this strong demand, we continually need to renew our inventory. That's why we always offer you more for your trade-in vehicle! In addition, as the HGregoire Group's pre-owned car distribution network extends across Canada and the United States, regardless of the make, model or year of your car, we will find someone who wants to buy it! Plus, if your trade-in vehicle qualifies for export to the US, you could get up to 30% more! To get the max for your vehicle ... Come see us!

Enjoy exclusive financing solutions

It's no secret: HGregoire has the largest sales volume. This is why the HGregoire Group has access to exclusive sources of financing. These world-renowned banks offer really low interest rates for a financing solution adapted to your needs. For the best rates ... Come see us!
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4540 boul. Robert-Bourassa Laval QC, H7E 0A6

1 844 783-7340